Looking to sell your collection? Heroes & Dragons is always buying!
We are interested in everything from individual rare items (like a CGC comic or a first edition book signed by a famous author, for example) to extensive collections consisting of thousands of items. If we want your items payment can be arranged in either cash or store credit, depending on factors like the quality of what you have to sell and our inventory needs at the time.

Collectibles we buy include Books, Comics, Toys & More…
With our extensive on-line, trade show and Vault Gallery presence we are able to buy a more diversified array of collectibles than those we sell in the store. Other things we are interested in purchasing include Fanzines, Original Art (both Comic & Illustration), Non-Sports Cards from the 70s and older, Vintage Magazines, Premium Rings, Pulps, Movie Posters, Big Little Books and Lunch Boxes. It is impossible to list all the varied types of memorabilia that relates to comics and pop culture that we may be interested in purchasing so if you think we may be interested in your collection please contact us at the store and ask.

How to Sell to Us
The first step in selling us anything, whether a single item or a warehouse full of collectibles is to contact us! Please call the call the store and make an appointment. Due the diversity of collectibles that we sell, H & D does not have the staff available all open store hours that can make you an offer on your collection if you just show up. Also important is we do not make offers over the phone, even rough estimates. Our buyers will have to see your stuff before any offer can be made. It is also recommended that when calling to make an appointment, you give us a general idea of what you have to sell. If it is something we know we do not want for example, we will let you know and save your time and gas money. If your collection is too big to be brought to the store (for example a large library of 10,000 hardcover books) we are glad to have our buyers come to you to look at the collection. This requires an advance appointment to be scheduled. We can usually get there in a reasonable amount of time after your contacting us, although sometimes our buyers are out on the road at a trade show or even looking at another large deal!

What we can Pay!
Please be aware that do not pay retail for collections. Everything we buy has to be resold and our overhead for rent, electricity, staff, etc. has to be covered by the mark-up we make. Sometimes items we buy are in stock for years so there is quite a carrying cost involved. You have the option of taking the time to sell your collection piecemeal yourself via channels such as eBay, conventions or even opening your own store! We ARE very competitive buyers so give Heroes & Dragons a chance to professionally handle returning your valued collections to the market so other collectors can enjoy what you have for so long…

Thanks to SC Tech Company