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Come check out our AWESOME eBay store.

A Power Seller and valued member of the eBay community since 2009, we have over 5,000 (and counting!) items currently listed in our eBay store! With a Feedback Rating of over 3,000 (and counting!), we have brought great items, great customer service, and fast shipping to collectors all over the world.

We sell collectible toys ranging from modern to vintage, including all those childhood favorites like G.I.Joe, Star Wars, Transformers, Marvel Legends and many others (my favorite? The Space: 1999 Eagle graded by AFA). Additionally, we carry Rare and collectible books dating back to the 1800s, comics from the Gold/Silver/Bronze/Modern Age’s including CGC graded and sets, GN/trades, statues, vintage magazines and tons of other cool stuff for you to choose from!

Please note that items purchased online may be picked up locally to save shipping. You MUST mention when you make your purchase that you intend to pick it up at the store!

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