Staff Profiles

Chris Foss


Chris Foss owns the place. He mostly stays busy buying collections of vintage cool stuff and then trying to figure out what to do with it all afterwards! So if you have really nice collectibles you want to sell, contact Chris. He also meets with folks that want to visit The Vault Gallery (appointment required). Often on the road at a convention or buying trip, it is always good to check ahead to see if Chris is at the store before stopping by to see him.

Chris collects many things (too many, he says) and likes just about any cool dinosaur related item. He would probably buy a real one if such a thing were available, but has to suffice with over 1000 comics on the subject, some cool books & toys, and a few nice pieces of original art.



George Shirer


George is a long-time comic fan. As he likes to say, “I remember reading X-Men before Jean Grey died the first time!” These days, when he’s not working at Heroes & Dragons, preparing new stock for sale or assisting customers, he’s working as an independent author. Before joining the Heroes & Dragons team, George worked for the government, but he can’t really talk about his old job. It may or may not have involved black helicopters.

Mike Porto


Mike is an Italian Jersey boy who took a wrong turn on the turnpike one day and ended up in sunny SC. He has been reading/collecting comics & toys since his dad first showed him George Reeves’ The Adventures of Superman on TV. Not long after that he bought his first Legion of Super-Heroes comic and was set for life.

Mike’s area of expertise is toys (with a Minor in comics), and he is our Store Manager.


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