The Vault Gallery

The Vault Gallery at Heroes & Dragons, is a unique Gallery-within-the-store concept.

Having acquired many nicer quality collections of Books, Comics, Toys and other collectibles over the 25 plus years the store has been in existence, these rare, collectible gems are being made available to customers by appointment and via scheduled open Vault events, listed on the Events Calendar.

The owner of Heroes & Dragons (see About Us and Staff Profiles) manages The Vault Gallery personally and indeed, many of the items therein have come from his personal collection too.

Having recently accomplished a store redesign at Heroes & Dragons, the Vault Gallery is currently being enlarged to accommodate more inventory. Please make an appointment today to shop this exclusive selection of rarities covering all the types of merchandise the store deals with and more, you’ll be glad you did!

Also, just so you know, new acquisitions of ‘Vault Gallery’ quality go there first before being listed in our Online Store (see the Online Store). So if you like what you see Online, that is just a sample of what is in the Vault! None of the inventory in the Vault Gallery is currently online.

Thanks to SC Tech Company