Dollar Room

dollarHeroes & Dragons has carried a nice selection of inexpensive dollar comics for years now. Recent store re-modeling has allowed us to expand this back issue section into an entire clearance room of one dollar price point merchandise! Really, no kidding, everything in this room is only ONE DOLLAR! H & D’s own little Dollar Store, and it is open all regular store hours.

Boasting an inventory of over 10,000 comics, 4000 books and an unknown number of toys and growing, there is always something ya just gotta have in the Dollar Room! Whether it’s all about a good deal or you just bought a $25 comic off the display wall and feel the need to buy another 25 comics to have a BIG STACK of 26 comics for your hard-earned $26 bucks to feel better about it, you must check out the Dollar Room whenever visiting the store. Inventory changes practically daily! Also a favorite haunt of Parents and grand-Parents with the kids … a cheap way to please everyone, every visit!

Thanks to SC Tech Company