Jerry DeCaire In Store Signing!

Comic book illustrator, Jerry DeCaire, is traveling the USA from New York to LA and everywhere in-between. He will be doing school presentations on the Science of the Superhero and expects to reach as many as 100,000 students this 2013/2014 school year. DeCaire is presently and proudly affiliated with the Bureau of Lectures and Concerts―a reputable company that has educated and entertained public schools for more than 100 years.

DeCaire shows how the geometric shapes and ratios and fractions of common mathematics help to illustrate a superhero along with the science of anatomy. DeCaire incorporates the science of muscles into what he refers to as the three “P’s”: Physique, Position, Perspective, and Proportion, and explains why physicians can know everything there is to know about anatomy and yet still not be able to draw the human figure/superhero. DeCaire’s hand-drawing demonstrations are projected onto a screen for clarity and it rises to a performance art in its speed of execution and its entertainment value. 
This presentation is not only available to public schools but is also available to the general public at various comic book retail stores. Parents who want their children to take their core subjects as seriously as they do art and pop culture are especially encouraged to attend. So whether you’re an aficionado of the superhero or an advocate of a better education, you will discover that education and entertainment can effectively merge to advance an interdisciplinary approach to learning.
DeCaire’s credentials include his studies in art/biology, and education and a science degree conferred by Central Michigan University with honors. He has professionally illustrated some of the world’s most prolific superheroes for Marvel Entertainment including the X-Men, Wolverine, Thor, and Iron Man and Hawkeye for Marvel Comics Presents. He has also illustrated Deadpool and Dr. Strange for Secret Defenders, Conan the Barbarian, the Punisher, and many other characters for Marvel and other independent companies such as the Green Hornet and Kato, the Phantom, and even Cisco Kid and werewolf and vampire gothic tales. The artist’s published work can be found in 38 countries worldwide and he was recently featured in an eight page story, “WHY PAINT?” in China’s most widely circulated fantasy publication: Fantasy Art Magazine.
DeCaire’s most recent publication is Avenger’s: Hawkeye-Earth’s Mightiest Marksman 2012, and it will be available for signing at Jerry’s live and free demonstration at Heroes & Dragons Mega Store at 510 Bush River Rd., in Columbia, SC, on Saturday, the 12th of October, from 1PM-6PM.
Thanks to SC Tech Company